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Advantages of Staying in Serviced Apartments Notting Hill Accommodation

Serviced apartments have been becoming more and more popular among travelers. The reason might be that traveling has become cheaper and more accessible to more people. An increased number of budget airlines have also further increased the number of travelers traveling abroad. As people can travel nowadays cheaper, they also want to find cheaper accommodation, but they don’t want to stay in guest houses or cheap hotels.

The Advantages of Staying in Serviced Apartments instead of Staying in Hotels

Serviced apartments are furnished apartments which are usually very comfortable, but they are cheaper than hotels. Usually people can rent them for a longer period of time, and pay less than for staying the same period of time in a hotel. Some other advantages of staying in apartments instead of hotels are more privacy and more space. Because usually people can cook in such apartments they can save even more money by not having to eat in restaurants.Visit homepage Notting Hill Serviced Apartments.

Different Types of Serviced Apartments

There are different types of serviced apartments:


Aparthotels are extended stay hotels. They usually offer twenty-four hours reception and they try to give people the impression like “home away from home” when they stay at aparthotels. They are usually located in the city centers, and staying in them feels more like staying in a hotel with the comforts of home.

The prices can vary from budget to quite expensive. Some of such apartments are just one room studios, where there is just one room serving both as a living area and sleeping area. There is usually also a kitchenette in the room, and separate bathroom. Some apartments are two or three bedrooms with separate bedrooms and a living room, and sometimes have more than one bathroom.

Most of the aparthotels don’t have any restaurants and bars, because people can cook in their apartments, but some of the aparthotels that belong to four or five star hotels also offer services of restaurants and bars.

-Corporate Housing

Serviced Apartments in corporate housing are usually apartments that can be rented for short periods of time (thirty days and more) and have cleaning services, telephones, TV and other important services and amenities installed. They can be in the city centers, but usually are a little further away from them, but with an easy access to business areas of the cities.

All kinds of serviced apartments are fully furnished and fully equipped with all kinds of facilities that people usually have in their homes. Because of that it is very easy to enter into “home away from home” mood in such apartments.

Some of the apartments are very luxurious and comfortable, and even offer extra space for work which is separated from the living area.

The first serviced apartments were created in the United States and still today the most of them are located there. It is estimated that eighty-six percent of all the serviced apartments are located there, but more and more apartments have been opening in many countries, all over the world.

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