8 Church St. Charleston, SC 29401

Proprietor, Ms. Randy Cabell


Dear Friends and Valued Guests,

The time has come. We have closed The CABELL HOUSE Bed and Breakfast and I’ve sold my family home at 8 Church St. here in Charleston, SC. I have never known life on this planet earth without having this house at 8 Church, my family home, here for me. Things change, though, and this, too, has now changed.

If you are looking for a B&B below Broad (no pets allowed) check out my dear friends from childhood and close neighbors: The Palmer Home View, 5 East Bay, 845-853-1574, (Frances Palmer) and the Phillips, Yates, Snowden House, 15 Church St., 843-722-7602. (Dr. Jack Simmons). For pet friendly lodging in Charleston, go to www.bringfido.com for a comprehensive list of choices downtown as well as over the bridges.

Lord, I’ve met some wonderful people. And here at The CABELL HOUSE, Bed and Breakfast that has absolutely been the rule, not the exception. I hope we see each other again. And best of luck to each and every one of you.

Randy Cabell

Let our family home be home to your family. You are WELCOME.

Enjoy the foremost destination city in America and the World. Relax in the comforts and relish in the hospitality of this historic spot.

The Cabell House Bed & Breakfast.


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