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Introduction To Coach Hire

Quite often coach hire is overlooked regarding its importance – The real fruits of this form of transport can see some huge savings in transporting guests for events such as weddings, football matches, theme parks, concerts, festivals, demonstrations – The list goes on and on! But how can this save money? To be completely blunt, coaches are the only form of transport available that can carry a larger number of passengers in less journeys…Click Nolan Coaches.

Let’s say you are a scout leader for your local scout group and you have been tasked with transporting fifty of your scouts from base to Alton Towers for a day out or perhaps to get them to a football tournament with their parents, potentially you have two choices, 1) You could tell all parents that these events are happening and they must find their own way there (car) or 2) You contact a coach hire company and organise a coach for your party.

Straight away you can understand the benefits of option two, mainly that it is going to be much more controlled from a logistics point of view but also the cost saving overall is going to be massive. What about the impact on the environment? Obviously a coach is going to be far kinder to mother nature, more people travelling in a coach with one engine or 10-15 cars each with their own engine you can instantly see that not only is far less fuel going to be used but the planet is also going to breathe a little easier too.

So now you understand the obvious reasons behind hiring a coach, other things you need to consider are a) comfort/safety b) on-board requirements c) journey time d) scheduled stops e) budget and f) required arrival time.

There are many things that coach hire companies will supply as ‘standard’, for instance, you cannot predict how congested the roads are going to be, but coach hire companies need to factor this in, often they are satellite tracked by their base depot to assist with road-works and accident avoidance to help get you and your party to your chosen destination. Other things they might supply as standard are 3-point-safety belts on all seats and perhaps a WC knowing that 50-or-so scouts are going to need the toilet at some point on the journey, the last thing they need is an unscheduled delay or stop. It’s always best to check though, make sure you have covered all angles. DVD/TV, Air-conditioning, drinks facilities are not always supplied by as standard, if you need them then it’s advisable to request them.

Travelling by coach can be fun, exciting and you will get to see things you wouldn’t normally see in a car or a train, it can have less impact on the environment and also produce huge savings when it come to transporting a larger quantity of guests.

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